Employee Advocacy: the power of the team

If you have a brand and you really want to make it grow, one of the most interesting triggers is #SocialMedia.

There you can generate your own content, use some support from the “influencers” and even promote content launching specific communication campaigns that often bring some expectation for your firm.

However, many companies invest big amounts of money in third-party influencers, completely unaware that they would probably not need to go that far to find something that works well. The need is to basically change the focus and look inside instead: to the team.

According to several reports such “Realign & Redefine” from Sprout Social,  70% of the marketing & communication profesionals included an #employeeAdvocacy strategy in their marketing plan.


Why is it so interesting that our employees help the brand spread out these messages?


  1. Capacity to influence for recommendations: 60% of the consumers, according to the report are more likely to try a product/service that is recommended by an employee vs. a 35% that would do it if recommended by an influencer.

  2. Sense of belonging: if an employee that works for the brand and knows well what is being sold recommends this product/service, the final client percieves this recommendation as a very real one. There is nobody better to recommend something than the people working day by day inside the brand and that are experts in hich they recommend.
  3. Quality content: precisely because every employee is an expert in the specific part of the brand they work at, the level of trust the employee gets is very high when they produce some content.


But the brand is not the only one getting advantages from the #employeeAdvocacy but the employees as well, who will get some profit for their personal brands:


  • Knowledge: the outcome from writing about a specific subject is that we are forced to do a deep research, use our own experience, and also contact other profesionals who may widen the information and the results. This process strives a better knowledge for the employee as well as help them increase their contacts network.

  • Client orientation: producing your own content for the client help you focus on the needs the client has as well as be aligned with which the brand aims. Therefore, this process makes the employee life easier by enhancing their business knowledge.
  • Leadership: the employees turn into leaders or brand ambassadors when showing their knowledge and ideas about the specific matter that they are experts at.
  • Personal Brand: the more quality content generated by our team, the more followers our employees will have. This will boost their personal brand and their power of influece and communication.

We will shortly be talking about soon the type of influencers that we can find within our team and find out whether all our employees should be or not.


Manuel Hernández
Communication Manager